Air Force 1 LV8 White Metallic Gold Casual Shoes Like Converse

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Model NoDM3322-100

 Air Force 1 LV8 White Metallic Gold The classic pure white Air Force One adds black and gold as embellishments. The black gold-rimmed leather with embroidered small gold hooks makes the whole look more eye-catching.

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    Air Force 1 LV8 White Metallic Gold shoes are based on Air Force One, adding black and gold design elements inside. Casual Shoes Like Converse The black tongue echoes the Swoosh, the gold design of the lace mouth echoes the gold mini hook on the front side of the shoe, and the color of the shoe complements each other.Casual Shoes Like Converse  The combination of synthetic leather and fabric makes the shoes feel comfortable both from the feel and the comfort of the feet. Jordan Shoes Stores Near Me The shoes abandon the old canvas shoe style and use the built-in Air Sole air cushion cushioning system. Combining its horizontal retro and modern appearance, it is well received by everyone. The shoes look low-key and noble, and you can't go wrong with the clothes. Retro Shoes Photography They are very versatile.

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