Air Force 1 Shadow White Blue Red Gum Casual Shoes Colour

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Model NoCI0919-105

 Air Force 1 Shadow White Blue Red Gum uses white as the main color, dotted with blue and red, and the overall color looks full of vitality. The double Swoosh logo is superimposed as a feature, with a strong deconstruction style on the shape, and the overall performance is extremely individual. Finally, it is finished with a raw rubber outsole to complete the design of the entire pair of shoes.

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  • Size: 35.5 36 36.5 37.5 38 38.5 39 40
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    Air Force 1 Shadow White Blue Red Gum this red and blue raw rubber af1 takes female audiences as the design considerations and uses bold design techniques to reinterpret these non-contrary and distinctive classic elements, highlighting them in an elegant and avant-garde way. Double swoosh superimposition, double color, double vitality, at first glance, there is even a perfect fusion of saca and af1. Track Shoes Womens The difference between the sole and the classic af1 is that it uses raw rubber edging technology to maintain the original classic bottom While patterning Some fresh designs have been added. Casual Shoes Colour  The leather has a good texture, built-in Air cushion, double-layer lightweight EVA foam midsole and non-slip PB rubber outer ring sole structure.Retro Athletic Shoes  The red and blue color of the upper is also the classic cp color to highlight the visual effect, giving people a fresh and natural feeling.  Casual Shoes Colour Wearing sports-style guard pants or casual series of jeans wide-leg pants are all looking classic, versatile and innovative.

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