Harden Vol. 2 ‘Concrete’ Adidas Texas A&M Basketball Shoes

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Model No:  AH2122

 Harden Vol. 2 ‘Concrete’ wolf gray color matching, the toe part is mainly light gray, and the upper, tongue, and heel are dark gray, creating a gradient color expression effect. Added light green for embellishment to add color to the details.

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    James Harden often throws defenders away with his most famous Eurostep, leaving opponents stunned. Adidas Texas A&M Basketball Shoes Inspired by this, ad Hoops created a new Concrete colorway Harden Vol. 2. Harden Vol. 2 'Concrete' wrap in grey tones with black and a touch of light green embellishment detailing. James Harden Shoes In Store You can also call this pair of shoes the European step color matching. Sport Shoes Top Brands In terms of appearance, it is very calm and the color matching is quite low-key, without any exaggerated feeling. The Harden personal logo on the tongue, the three bars on the toe cap, and the overall feel on the side are perfect. Sport Shoes Direct The designer combined Harden's complex and agile style to strengthen the Harden vol2's control of speed! Trainer Shoes At Tesco Harden's new sneakers have the thickest BOOST midsole to date, and are wrapped in heel traction mode, which should increase the field's strength stability.

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