Harden Vol. 2 “Pioneer” Basketball Shoes On Sale Mens

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Model No:  AH2123

 Harden Vol.2 “Pioneer” gray-red color matching, the overall body of the shoe is black as the main color, and the details such as the tongue, heel loop and shoelace are supplemented with red and gray for embellishment, with pure white Boost The outsole further enhances the visual impact of the shoe.

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    I still remember that when Harden Vol.1 "Pioneer" was launched, it was loved by everyone because of its appearance and color matching, Basketball Shoes On Sale Mens and Harden Vol.2 inherited such a color matching inspiration and will launch a combination of white, black and red, which is also "Pioneer". Harden Vol.2 "Pioneer" is very suitable to match with the Rockets' jersey, and the difference from the previous generation is that this time Harden Vol.2 "Pioneer" uses a higher proportion of black, Trainer Shoes Sports Direct while using the tongue The special metallic silver luster brings out a different texture. Track Shoes Discount It is also the first time I have seen totems around the collar, which is simple yet detailed. Sport Shoes Fit Review With black as the base, the three-line logo on the side is presented in red contrast, with patterned cylindrical laces, and the silver tongue is just right embellishment, Harden Shoes Near Me and finally finished with a white Boost midsole and rubber outsole.

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