Harden Vol. 2 ‘Traffic Jam’ Basketball Shoes Best Quality

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 Model No:  AH2217  AP9844

 The Harden Vol.2 “Traffic Jam” color scheme is inspired by Harden’s superb scoring skills: he can score at will in a crowded restricted area. The whole shoe body is laid out in black and white, and the shoe body presents a unique texture like thorns, which is very domineering.

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    Harden Vol.2 "Traffic Jam" The shoes are presented in a clean black and white colorway in three shades of Core Black, Solid Gray and Iron Metallic. "Traffic Jam" represents James Harden's ability to break through and slam the dunk even under heavy defense. Basketball Shoes Best Quality In addition, the Boost midsole provides users with the ultimate cushioning experience. Trainer Shoes Online The low-top design of the first generation has been changed, the shoe body is slightly raised, and the concept of multiple shoelace holes is used, so that the wearer can adjust it according to their own preferences and comfort. Track Shoes Good At the same time, it is combined with FORGEFIBER's unique TPU coated yarn design. Sport Shoes Jeans And the continuation of the full-length BOOST cushioning technology brings stable support and a lightweight and comfortable wearing experience, while the outsole also adopts a unique pattern to further improve the grip. Harden Shoes Collection In addition, the Harden logo on the tongue is still prominent.

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