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Model No942301-900  942302-900

The Kobe A.D. Derozan Compton  Compton was inspired by DeRozan’s memories of watching the playoffs in 1997. Details such as the date of the game, the city that Dro agrees with the length, the scabbard logo and the embroidery of the heel, and the color of the opponent are all presented throughout the body of the shoe.

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    The inspiration behind Kobe A.D. Derozan Compton really is just as speculated by all parties that it is related to DeMar DeRozan. This story starts from watching the Kobe Bryant game when he was a child. In 1997, the Lakers played the fifth game of the second round of the playoffs against the Jazz. At the time, he was only 18 years old and was a rookie. Kobe missed a series of misses at the end of the game. Outside, he didn't even touch the basket. This past event was also called "Air Ball Game" by fans. However, Kobe did not make this embarrassing failure an internal obstacle, but instead inspired him to work harder to improve himself. Kobe also said when talking about this many years later: "It was my early turning point. It is still a bit uncomfortable in retrospect.

    As a young player, many times the results may not be what you want, but if it can be used as motivation Push yourself, then you will be able to reach my current height. "And now DeMar DeRozan, who is leading the Raptors forward, has seen the spirit of growing up in adversity in his idol Kobe since he was a child. The tone of the Kobe Logo on the tongue and the details of the heel of the shoe symbolize the Air Ball Game that year, which combines the Lakers and The representative color of the Jazz, and the official also revealed that the shoelace head is printed with the match date (1997/05/12); and the pattern on the insole represents DeMar DeRozan's hometown COMPTON, and the details are quite in place.

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