Kyrie 5 Third Eye Vision Track Shoes Mile

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Model NoAO2919-900

Kyrie 5 Third Eye Vision uses dark blue as the main color of the shoe body. The colorful wings are decorated with colorful patterns. It is the finishing touch to the color of the whole pair of shoes. The very beautiful big-eyed color outsole is designed with a large arc. Bottom, increase wear resistance and non-slip.

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    In the NBA, there is such a strange man with "three eyes", he is Kelly Irving. Seeing six directions and listening to all directions, Irving’s talent for strategizing on the court is like an open eye. There is a tattoo on his arm, the famous "eye of God". Taking this tattoo as inspiration, Irving was born. Signature shoe of the fifth generation. Although the first Taco co-branded model has a high popularity, the Kyrie 5 Third Eye Vision color scheme is also not bad enough. With its beautiful colors and wonderful details, it has become a practical weapon for fans. Owen asked the designer Ben Nethongkome to let Kyrie 5 have a story that can be linked to his life story, so "Third Eye Vision" came into being. The blue color is that this shoe has become the main vision of this shoe.

    The geometric design of the heel forms the unique "eye" shape of Kyrie 5. The biggest highlight is the Venus flytrap, which is definitely a "soo operation", so Kyrie 5 has Different from any other pair of shoes. In "Third Eye Vision", colored elements like ink painting are added, like a pair of colorful wings. Another special hidden point is the sole. The oval sole of Kyrie 5 embeds the concept of "eyes". In this special color scheme, six pairs of eyes are distinguished by different colors, especially the second on the forefoot. "The Eye of God", presented in pink, coincides with Owen's coquettish playing style. A pair of detailed and story-filled "Third Eye Vision" special color schemes, combining beauty and performance.

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