Kyrie 8 Infinity EP CNY Basketball Shoes With Springs

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Model NoDH5384-001  DD0334-021

 Kyrie 8 Infinity EP CNY shoes are made of off-white fabric and synthetic leather leather, and provide a ventilated base for its bold black and eye-catching pop colors. The lace design fits the ankle, making it easy to put on and take off. Festive colors mean the arrival of the new year.

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    Kyrie 8 Infinity EP CNY is made of off-white fabric and leather, and provides an airy base for its bold black and eye-catching pop colors. In the popularity of orange, teal, emerald and glow green, there are a series of Asian-style figures and patterns including wave depictions, characters and geometric figures. Textured leather curled textiles and high-gloss brand panels, as well as marble traction pads and modified brand logos. Trainer Lacoste Shoes The tongues of the left and right feet are printed with Swiss "snow" and "fan-shaped" patterns with Chinese elements, which can be said to be full of details . Jordan Shoes Value The design of Kyrie 8 Infinity EP CNY is inspired by China’s twenty-four solar terms. Basketball Shoes With Springs The full body of Chinese style shoes has white as the main color, and the addition of blue, red, and light pink brings a very refreshing visual effect. The mesh material of the toe cap makes this pair of shoes have good breathability, continuing the mid-top design, but the overall shoe shape is wider, compared with the early Owen series shoes, the sense of strength is stronger and the sense of space is better. 

    The midsole is equipped with a responsive Strobel plus an arch anti-torsion piece and a rear sole Zoom air combination, and the flexible cushioning effect creates a perfect shoe fit. Basketball Shoes With Springs The fast experience. The sole is divided into three areas. The pattern on the forefoot is quite handsome. There is an oval pattern in the middle.Trainer Lacoste Shoes  The outer layer is a zigzag pattern, and the inside is a pattern composed of various complex patterns. Jordan Shoes Value In the middle of the sole is Owen’s signature, and the back palm is a figure "8" pattern, made in red The practicality of distinguishing the whole should be quite high.

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