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Model NoAV6339-100

 The Zoom Kobe 4 Protro Draft Day shoe has a white upper with blue and purple details, the same color as the Charlotte Hornets. The main tone of white and blue is quite fresh, with purple Swoosh highlighting the wasp theme. The midsole and the heel TPU use blue.

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    Zoom Kobe 4 Protro Draft Day shoes To pay tribute to Kobes experience of being selected by the Charlotte Hornets on draft day, the shoe body is dressed in a Hornets-themed white and blue color scheme. Trainer Shoes Lift Kobes personal logo on the tongue and the Swoosh logo on the side of the shoe are both decorated with Purple embellishment, highlighting the wasp theme.Trainer Shoes New Look  An embossed shield logo is added to the most eye-catching position of the tongue. Among the many color schemes, it is the glamorous purple that best reflects the king temperament of Kobe that makes his opponents awe-inspiring. The white-blue-purple color scheme was used to commemorate Kobe, who had just graduated from high school when the Hornets selected the 13th overall pick in the first round in 1996. Basketball Shoes Images So, at the heel of this pair of sneakers, we saw the pass number of "6.26.96", which is the date of Kobe's draft that year. Y's sole adopts the herringbone pattern that has been applied to countless basketball shoes, which is quite satisfactory. 

    In addition, the sneaker has a very obvious anti-rollover design near the forefoot, Basketball Shoes Images and its coverage area extends directly from the sole to the lower end of the upper. Another point worth noting is the pattern of the sole. Trainer Shoes New Look It is reported that at the beginning of the design, the designer of the first year version of Kobe 4 found inspiration from the classic anti-hero character venom in the Spider-Man movie, and added a pattern similar to the venom splashing pattern in the position of the shoe sole. Trainer Shoes Lift This design has now become one of the classic elements unique to Kobe 4.

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